FTC Approves Resolution on AI Product Oversight

The resolution corresponds with the president’s executive order on the development and use of artificial intelligence.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recently approved an omnibus resolution that authorizes the use of a complusory process for nonpublic investigations into products and services associated with artificial intelligence (AI).

The resolution, supported by President Biden’s executive order in October on the use of AI, will expedite the issuing of civil investigative demands (CIDs), which are similar to subpoenas, in AI-related investigations with the FTC retaining the authority to decide when to issue CIDs. The omnibus resolution will be effective for 10 years.

“Although AI, including generative AI, offers many beneficial uses, it can also be used to engage in fraud, deception, infringements on privacy, and other unfair practices, which may violate the FTC Act and other laws,“ the FTC stated, “At the same time, AI can raise competition issues in a variety of ways, including if one or just a few companies control the essential inputs or technologies that underpin AI.“

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For Chair Lina Khan to be prudent in her leadership of the FTC.
  • For members of the commission as they assess the U.S. marketplace and employ methods to prevent monopolies.
  • For FTC commissioners as they evaluate the benefits and risks of the use of AI.

Sources: Federal Trade Commission, Mintz


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