House and Senate Pass Government Funding Resolution

The legislation was spearheaded by Speaker Johnson, avoiding a government shutdown or a Christmas omnibus.

The Senate passed the continuing resolution on Wednesday which avoids both a government shutdown and the oft-used omnibus bill approach before Christmas.

The House of Representatives originated the “clean” continuing resolution, passing it on Tuesday, that will provide funding for the federal government through mid-January. The vote was structured so that at least two-thirds of the House had to support the measure for it to pass.

Departments such as Agriculture, Transportation, Housing and Urban Development, and Veterans Affairs will be funded through January 19, while the Defense Department will be funded through February 2. No spending cuts, policy provisions, or supplemental aid for foreign nations or border security are included.

President Biden is expected to sign the resolution before current funding expires Friday evening.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For wisdom for Speaker Johnson as he navigates the divisions in the House and Senate.
  • For the majority and minority party leaders in the Senate to seek God’s guidance in their roles.
  • With gratitude that legislators did not push for an omnibus nor block the resolution to shut down the government.

Sources: NBC News, The Hill


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