Transportation Secretary Visits Ukraine

Seeks to hasten “economic self-sufficiency.”

The Department of Transportation announced Secretary Buttigieg’s surprise visit to Ukraine last week, saying that he met with leaders there to help “return Ukraine to economic self-sufficiency.” 

During his visit, Secretary Buttigieg also appointed a senior-level advisor from President Biden’s administration to remain in Kyiv and provide the technical assistance necessary to rebuild the country. The transportation secretary selected Robert Mariner to fill this position because of his experience working with the U.S. military and embassy members in Kabul, Afghanistan as a transportation counselor.

Secretary Buttigieg stated, “From the time Russia launched its full-scale invasion, I’ve kept close contact with my Ukrainian counterpart about impacts to global supply chains, particularly port and rail infrastructure.” He explained, “It’s one of countless ways the U.S. continues to stand with the people of Ukraine for the long haul and ensure its connection to the world.”

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For the transportation secretary as he supports the economic future of Ukraine.
  • For the president and U.S. officials to be prudent about the U.S. economy and they continue support for Ukraine.

Sources: Department of Transportation, The Hill


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