Navy Warship Intercepts Three Missiles Fired from Yemen 

Unclear if missiles were aimed at Israel. 

The USS Carney, a Navy destroyer in the Red Sea, took out three missiles that had been fired from Yemen on a northward trajectory. Officials said it was not immediately clear if they were aimed at Israel, but officials do not believe they were aimed at the U.S. ship. 

The Houthi rebels in Yemen, who are backed by Iran, have expressed their support for the Palestinians and made their own threats against Israel. 

The Pentagon press secretary said, “This action was a demonstration of the integrated air and missile defense architecture that we built in the Middle East and that we are prepared to utilize whenever necessary to protect our partners and our interests in this important region. There were no casualties to U.S. forces and none that we know of to any civilians on the ground.” 

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For Defense Secretary Austin as he heads the U.S. military efforts to assist in Israel’s defense.
  • For Navy Secretary Del Toro to seek God’s direction as he oversees his military branch.
  • For the president and his advisors as they make decisions regarding the deployment of U.S. troops.

Sources: Newsmax, CNN


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