State of Florida Sues Administration Over Transportation Union Requirements

Secretaries of Labor and Transportation were named as primary defendants.

The state of Florida has sued President Biden’s administration for allegedly withholding transportation funding because of the passage of a state law that alters how union dues are paid.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed Senate Bill 256 on May 9, a law that prevents unions representing public sector employees from deducting union dues from paychecks. The law instead requires employees to pay their union dues after they receive their pay. 

This law impacts unions that represent transportation workers, teachers, and those employed by the government. The law explicitly exempts unions that represent law enforcement, firefighters, and corrections officers.

“Florida passed laws to protect workers from being strong-armed by unions,” Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody stated. “We’re pushing back against this overreach to protect our state’s autonomy and Florida workers.”

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For Attorney General Moody and Governor DeSantis to be prudent in their litigation over union dues and federal funding.
  • For Secretary Buttigieg and Acting Secretary Su as they oversee their respective departments.
  • For the president and members of his administration as they set requirements for the eligibility for federal funding.

Sources: Reuters, The Hill


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