Federal Judge Allows OK Ban on Transgender Procedures for Youth

He says there is not enough legal reason to impose a temporary block.

District Judge John Heil recently ruled that the state of Oklahoma may proceed with the enforcement of its ban on transgender medical treatments for minors. 

Families of transgender children sued Oklahoma due to the ban and requested that Judge Heil impose a preliminary injunction to temporarily stop the ban from being enforced while the court case proceeds. But Judge Heil denied their request, citing a similar ruling made by the 11th Circuit Court in Alabama in his decision.

“This case revolves around an issue that is surely of the utmost importance to all of the parties involved; the safety and well-being of the children of [our state],” the 11th Circuit Court affirmed in their previous decision. “But it is complicated by the fact that there is a strong disagreement between the parties over what is best for those children.” 

“Absent a constitutional mandate to the contrary, these types of issues are quintessentially the sort that our system of government reserves to legislative, not judicial, action.”

The split between the rulings of federal courts regarding transgender therapies for youth has continued. Depending on the court, some judges decide for and others against similar state bans. This array of interpretations may ultimately bring the issue before the Supreme Court.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For federal judges as they hear cases regarding the medical gender transitioning of minors.
  • For state governors and legislatures as they construct and pass laws surrounding transgender medical intervention.
  • For families of children struggling with gender dysphoria to be discerning about the therapies and outcomes.
  • For U.S. healthcare professionals to be prudent as they prescribe treatments for anyone who experiences gender dysphoria.

Sources: Reuters, NY Times


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