FDA Updates Guidance to Guard Against Mislabeling Food Allergens

New guidelines provide strategies to protect consumers and ensure accurate allergen labeling.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has updated draft guidance to assist food facilities in complying with current good manufacturing practices (CGMPs) and preventive controls for human food. A new chapter on food allergens provides strategies to safeguard food against major food allergen cross-contact and to ensure proper labeling regarding these allergens.

The guidance has become increasingly important as millions of Americans suffer from food allergies, which can result in mild to severe, and even life-threatening reactions. Earlier this year, sesame was designated as the ninth major food allergen, requiring its disclosure on food labels. However, some manufacturers are adding sesame to products that did not previously contain it to avoid the process to prevent cross-contact and comply with labeling regulations.

“The FDA is looking for opportunities that could help consumers who are allergic to sesame and other major food allergens find foods that are safe for them to consume. We encourage manufacturers to follow the guidelines in the draft guidance updates released today to prevent allergen cross-contact and ensure proper labeling,” said FDA Commissioner Robert Califf. “We recognize there are challenges with ensuring products are free of allergens and we are engaging with stakeholders on this issue.”

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For Commissioner Califf as he oversees the FDA’s efforts to protect Americans who have food allergies.
  • For FDA officials as they update regulations regarding food manufacturing and safety.
  • For U.S. consumers who live with and manage food intolerances.

Sources: Food and Drug Administration


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