Abrams Tanks Arrive in Ukraine

President Biden and Secretary of Defense Austin pledged that more will be delivered.

Ukrainian President Zelensky said on Monday that the first American-made Abrams tanks have been delivered. They arrived “months ahead” of initial estimates, and more of the M1 tanks will be sent to Ukraine in the coming months. 

Both President Biden and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said last week that tanks would be “shipped within days.” Their arrival shows their delivery was already well underway. 

President Zelensky stated, “Abrams are already in Ukraine and are preparing to reinforce our brigades. I am grateful to our allies for fulfilling the agreements! We are looking for new contracts and expanding our supply geography.” 

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For the president and defense secretary to be discerning as they continue to send military equipment to Ukraine.
  • For U.S. military leaders and commanders as they provide situation reports and recommendations from around the world.
  • For officials and diplomats who are interested in discussing options for peace between Ukraine and Russia.

Sources: NY Times, The Hill, Newsmax


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