Chinese Nationals Attempt to Enter U.S. Military Bases 

Pentagon officials and FBI officials estimate up to 100 incidents in recent years. 

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has reported a rising number of incidents of Chinese nationals posing as tourists attempting to access at U.S. military bases. Some of the incidents have occurred at missile launch sites and even the White House. 

Other agencies in the Department of Defense held a review with the FBI last year on how to limit these incidents. As many as 100 such incidents have occurred in recent years. U.S. officials describe them as “potential espionage threats.”

Officials believe these attempted security breeches are testing military practices, and that they involve Chinese nationals who are required to report back to the Chinese government on their findings. 

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin to be wise in his approach to the attempted incursions by Chinese nationals.
  • For FBI Director Chris Wray as he collaborates with Pentagon officials regarding foreign surveillance attempts.

Sources: Just The News, Wall Street Journal 


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