USAF Conducts Test of Hypersonic ARRW Prototype

Tracking of hypersonic weapons is the focus of the testing.

The U.S. Air Force recently conducted another all-up round of a prototype hypersonic AGM-183A Air-launched Rapid Response Weapon (ARRW) to gather data for the development of future weapons capable of speeds exceeding Mach 5. Coordinating with the manufacturer, Lockheed Martin, the test involved the release of a “full operational prototype ARRW” from a B-52H Stratofortress, off the coast of Southern California.

Known for their speeds exceeding Mach 5 and high maneuverability, hypersonic weapons present challenges in tracking and interception. Some concerns have been raised about the U.S. military’s efforts compared to Chinese and Russian capabilities.

The focus of the test was to assess its overall performance and improve test and evaluation capabilities for the development of advanced hypersonic systems. Officials did not specify if the test was satisfactory.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For Secretary Frank Kendall to be discerning as he heads the U.S. Air Force.
  • For Defense Secretary Austin as hypersonic missile tracking research and testing continue.
  • For Pentagon officials as they provide recommendations to the president regarding military advancements.

Sources: Military Times, Breaking Defense


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