August 30th – Wednesday

My Spirit that is upon you, and My words that I have put in your mouth, shall not depart out of your mouth. – Isaiah 59:21

Has anyone ever given you a message to deliver to someone else? Maybe they made you repeat it back to them, before they sent you to the recipient, to ensure you could accurately relay the information. As you draw closer to the Lord and give Him more of your heart and life, you make space for His thoughts and words to take up residence. When you study His word, you become increasingly familiar with God’s desires and purposes. The result of this process is that, as life happens and things go differently than you expect, you reflect God’s loving character with grace and mercy. When you speak, even in the heat of the moment, His words and heart will be what comes from your mouth. What a privilege it is to have the words of the Lord both at your fingertips and on your lips! Pray today for a continued receptivity to God’s Spirit so His words never depart from your mouth.

As the Lord leads, pray with us…

  • For the president’s advisors to seek God’s truth as they provide recommendations to the president.
  • For the chaplains of the House and Senate as they offer spiritual support to members of Congress.
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