August 22nd – Tuesday

The discerning sets his face toward wisdom, but the eyes of a fool are on the ends of the earth. – Proverbs 17:24

On this day in 1862, President Abraham Lincoln wrote a letter in response to an abolitionist editorial by Horace Greeley in the New York Tribune. In the editorial, Greeley called the president out for his gentle treatment of slaveholders and lack of will to uphold the Confiscation Acts. President Lincoln had already been considering the idea of emancipating the slaves in the U.S. for some time prior to this, which he carefully hinted at in his response to Greeley. The president was preparing the public for the upcoming change in his policy, which came one month later with the Emancipation Proclamation. As you consider the importance of justice and equality under the law which President Lincoln’s proclamation intended to implement, pray for those in positions of authority to uphold the law impartially.

As the Lord leads, pray with us…

  • For governing officials to turn toward the Lord and away from sinful ways.
  • That those serving in the federal government would seek the Lord’s guidance as they fill their offices.
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