CENTCOM Considers AI for Menial Tasks

Defense-based artificial intelligence is being approached cautiously.

Chief Technology Officer for U.S. Central Command Schuyler Moore cautioned against putting too much stock in the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) at a panel discussion. She said that its current capabilities have enough potential as they are.

“I think sometimes we get super excited about generative models because we see ChatGPT and you can imagine … the future that it could be in and the types of media applications,” CTO Moore said to members of the Potomac Officers Club. “But the reality is that it has such potential for menial tasks that you can pull off someone’s plate and that everyday workflow,” she added.

The Department of Defense is currently training five different AI models to assess their ability to interpret and disperse military data to personnel. “We have other types of [machine learning] algorithms for predictive maintenance. So generative AI is no different. There are going to be use cases that it’s really, really good for and there are going to use cases it’s not good for,” she concluded.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For General Kurilla to seek God’s guidance as he heads the U.S. Central Command.
  • For Chief Technology Officer Moore as she oversees the management of artificial intelligence.
  • For U.S. Defense Department officials as they evaluate the safety and security of AI implementation.

Sources: Defense Scoop, U.S. Central Command


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