August 15th – Tuesday

I am your servant; give me understanding. – Psalm 119:125

Psalm 119 is the longest chapter in the entire Bible. It is believed to have been written by David, composed over the course of his entire life, with a focus on glorifying God and the goodness of His word. Throughout the 176 verses that comprise this Psalm, David continually looks to God and Scripture for understanding and guidance. His desire to delight in God and that God would be pleased with his actions are present in every passage. What would it be like if the leaders of the United States had hearts like the heart of this psalmist? Take time today to read through Psalm 119, and pray those words over those governing the United States. “The president, vice president, members of Congress, and the justices of the Supreme Court are your servants. Give them understanding… Direct their footsteps according to your word and let no sin rule over them” (Psalm 119:125, 133).

As the Lord leads, pray with us…

  • For governing officials to turn toward the Lord and away from sinful ways.
  • That those serving in the federal government would seek the Lord’s guidance as they fill their offices.
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