DOD Plans for Cyber Workforce Strategy Implementation

Department establishes directives for 225,000 skilled cyber defense workers.

The Department of Defense recently released its Cyber Workforce Strategy Implementation Plan, which outlines how the department intends to achieve its cyber defense goals by employing a team of specialized workers. The department plans to employ 225,000 “highly trained” individuals, both civilian and military, to move toward the 22 objectives and 38 initiatives that have been deemed necessary for optimal cyber security.

“To recruit and retain the most talented workforce we must advance our institutional culture and reform the way we do business,” said Mark Gorak, the principal director for resources and analysis for DOD’s chief information officer. “We are breaking the mold of the past and changing the way we identify, recruit, develop, and retain our cyber talent.”

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin to seek God’s direction regarding cyber security initiatives.
  • For Defense Department personnel and cyber workers as they implement security plans.
  • For General Paul Nakasone as he heads the U.S. Cyber Command and serves as the Director of National Security Agency and Chief of Central Security Service.

Sources: Department of Defense


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