Pentagon Refuses to Provide UFO Data to Congress

House Oversight Committee hearing on UAPs is scheduled for Wednesday. 

The House Oversight Committee has requested answers regarding UFOs or unidentified anomalous phenomena (UAPs) from the Department of Defense. Legislators would like to determine whether or not they constitute a national security threat.

However, the Pentagon and Air Force have blocked Congress from obtaining information about UFOs or seeing images that have been recorded by the military, and from reading testimony about the phenomena from witnesses. 

Representative Tim Burchett of Tennessee, chairman of the committee, said he and colleagues expected to be part of a recent briefing at Elgin Air Force Base in Florida, but they were blocked by Pentagon and other military leaders.

“It had nothing to do with what we were told we would be down there for, and [Florida Representative] Matt Gaetz basically said this meeting is over until you get us the info we asked for. And then, they said we weren’t eligible to see it, and now, they put out some release that myself and Representative [Anna Paulina] Luna are not eligible to see that,” he said. “The Pentagon knows better. This is why no one trusts the government.” 

Representative Burchett said that in an earlier hearing by the Intelligence Committee with top Pentagon officials a lot of questions were answered, “I don’t know,” or “That’s classified.” He added, “We’re gonna get to the bottom of this… I’m tired of this cover-up.”  

Senator Marco Rubio of Florida recently said, “There’s no doubt that in this field, generally, there’s more than what we know. We’re trying to get to a process where at least some people in Congress do know.” 

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For Congressman Burchett as he chairs the committee hearing on UAPs.
  • For Pentagon officials to be forthcoming with members of the committee.
  • For wisdom for Senate Majority Leader Schumer as members of his chamber also seek additional information on UFOs.

Sources: News Nation, The Hill


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