July 18th – Tuesday

Give us each day our daily bread. – Luke 11:3

President Harry S. Truman signed the Second Presidential Succession Act on this day in 1947. The original act, passed in 1792, designated the Senate president pro tempore and the Speaker of the House as the first two to succeed the president, should he and the vice president die while in office. This was changed in 1886, when Congress removed both positions from the line of succession replaced them with 2 cabinet officials. However, many felt as though those who should succeed the president should be elected officials, rather than political appointees. Because of this, President Truman signed an act that resurrected the original succession law from 1792. To this point in the nation’s history, the presidency has not had to pass to anyone other than the vice president.

As the Lord leads, pray with us…

  • For members of Congress as they consider legislation that guides the governance of the country.
  • For the president as he considers the bills passed by Congress for signature or veto.
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