25 Attorneys General Caution EPA Regarding EV Proposal

The letter sent as part of public comment states the administration oversteps its authority.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) received a letter from 25 state attorneys general stating that proposed updates to vehicle emission standards are unlawful. The letter said the EPA proposal “would damage our economy, tax our electrical grids and the families and businesses who depend on them, and threaten our national security.” The 20-page letter, made as part of a public comment response, stated the administration is overstepping its legal authority.

The EPA proposed significant regulations in April that would require all vehicles made between 2027-2032 to collectively cut emissions by 56 percent. The EPA estimates that these regulations would require auto manufacturers selling cars in America to make 60 percent of their new vehicles run exclusively on electricity by 2030.

Proponents of the climate proposal have urged the EPA to go even further with emission standards. The agency’s proposal is expected to be finalized in early 2024.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For Administrator Michael Regan to seek God’s wisdom as he heads the EPA.
  • For EPA officials to be prudent as they propose emissions standards and regulations.
  • For the state attorneys general as they provide feedback on proposed federal guidelines.

Sources: Reuters, Washington Times, MSN


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