Lauren Boebert, U.S. Representative for Colorado

Lauren Boebert

U.S. Representative for Colorado

Lauren Opal Roberts Boeberg was born in December 1986 in Altamonte Springs, Florida. She dropped out of high school, later earning a GED, but did not pursue further education. Her family was impoverished and obtained government assistance. 

She worked in the fast food industry before becoming a pipeliner, one that builds and maintains pipelines and pumping stations. For a period of time, she owned a restaurant in Colorado. 

Boebert was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives, assuming office in January 2021.

She recently filed for divorce from her husband Jayson Boebert, with whom she has four sons. Boebert is a nondenominational Christian. 

In the News…

Two weeks ago, the House voted to refer a resolution to impeach President Joe Biden to the Homeland Security Committee. The resolution had previously been introduced by Representative Lauren Boebert of Colorado who has previously expressed the desire to force a vote on the floor. 

The resolution to impeach alleges that the president has violated federal immigration laws, failing to protect the southern border. 

“Since his first day in office, President Biden has trampled on the Constitution through his dereliction of duty under Article II to take care that the laws be faithfully executed,” she said. “Instead of enforcing our immigration laws, he has lawlessly ignored them and released more than 2 million illegal aliens into the interior of the United States without any enforcement mechanism to ensure that they appear in immigration court.” 

“If I don’t see accountability taking place with Joe Biden in a timely manner – and no, I don’t have a date, deadline – but if I see that this has been slow rolled and nothing is moving on it, then there’s always the option to bring up another privileged resolution and call to impeach Joe Biden,” she said. 

The resolution not only has members of the House divided along party lines but there is division within the majority party itself. 

Contact this Leader…

Did you pray for Representative Boebert today? You can let her know at:

The Honorable Lauren Boebert 
U.S. Representative for Colorado 
1713 Longworth House Office Building 
Washington, DC 20515 


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