Supreme Court Dismisses Louisiana District Redraw Appeal

This follows the high court’s ruling earlier this month about Alabama’s congressional maps under the Voting Rights Act.

The Supreme Court dismissed a case brought forth by Louisiana legislators to defend their original electoral map. After the 2020 census, voting districts were redrawn according to the new population data. But Louisiana’s congressional districting was challenged for placing minority communities into a separate voting district.

A district court judge agreed with the plaintiffs that the districting was biased and ordered Louisiana to redraw its district maps to incorporate minority communities into two districts based on where they lived.

Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry appealed this decision to the Supreme Court, and though the court initially accepted the case, the judges labeled the case as “improvidently granted,” meaning that they ruled the court should not have accepted the case in the first place.

The case is being sent to the 5th Circuit Court of New Orleans.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For the justices as they begin considering the cases they will accept in the fall term.
  • For the federal judges who are issuing decisions regarding elections and districting.
  • For state legislatures to protect election integrity as they pass bills and draw districts.

Sources: Reuters, CNN


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