June 25th – Sunday

The times of ignorance God overlooked, but now He commands all people everywhere to repent. – Acts 17:30

President Harry Truman signed the Displaced Persons Act of 1948 into law on this day in 1948. This increased the number of refugees accepted from Europe to 200,000 in the aftermath of World War II. President Truman was a strong supporter of ways to help displaced persons but signed the bill into law with two public policy dissents. First, it decreased immigration opportunities for other migrants in order to accommodate the increase of European migrants. Second, it had an anti-semitic policy that denied Jewish migrants from Poland and the Soviet Union, which made up almost all Jewish displaced persons at the time. President Truman signed the bill into law, however, which allowed the U.S. to help refugees recover from a horrific war. As you pray for this nation today, ask the Lord to show you where you can help those in need.

As the Lord leads, pray with us…

  • For Director Ur Jaddou as she heads the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.
  • For members of the House and Senate as they consider immigration reforms.
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