Rand Paul, U.S. Senator from Kentucky

Rand Paul

U.S. Senator from Kentucky

Randal Howard Paul was born in January 1963 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He attended Baylor University and is a graduate of the Duke University School of Medicine. After completing his residency in ophthalmology, he moved to Bowling Green, Kentucky, where he worked at a vision center, and later a private medical group. He is a board-certified ophthalmologist.

He began his political career working with his father, Ron Paul, also a physician, in a presidential campaign. He was elected to the United States Senate, assuming office in January 2011.

Paul is married to Kelley Ashby and they have three sons. He was baptized in the Episcopal Church and later identified himself as a practicing Christian from the time he was a teenager. He is now a Presbyterian.

In the News…

The Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee advanced a bill to empower the U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency to formulate agreements with foreign governments to help defend their critical networks. In the vote to advance the bill, Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky was one who voiced opposition. 

At a hearing of the committee, Senator Paul said, “We’re going to assign personnel to foreign locations, maybe we should charge them. If we’re going to do cybersecurity assistance for other countries, maybe they should pay for it; that would be extraordinary.” 

“I think the more we interact with countries, even allies on these issues, the more we attach, I believe, possible culpability to offensive cyber missions that they are involved with,” Senator Paul said. “A lot of this cybersecurity is also dual purpose in the sense that some of it is offensive to disrupt other countries, and some of our allies are involved in that, so I would not want to expand the role of DHS into this area.” 

The bill moved next to the Homeland Security Committee where Senator Gary Peters of Michigan said input from Senator Paul had been incorporated into the legislation that would improve congressional oversight of the program. 

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