Federal Judge Partially Blocks Florida Ban on Minor Transgender Treatment

Three minors are allowed to continue hormone therapy.

District Judge Robert Hinkle partially blocked Florida’s ban on transgender medical treatments for minors, allowing three children to continue receiving hormone therapies and puberty blockers while he reviews a second lawsuit brought against the state of Florida. The temporary block was requested by the families and medical providers of the three children, who are aged eight to 14. 

The lawsuit that Judge Hinkle will review challenges Florida’s ban on transgender medical treatments for minors. The same three families filed the lawsuit along with four other families living in Florida. The four families did not join the other three in the emergency filing because their children are not currently prescribed hormones or puberty blockers.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For discernment for Judge Hinkle as he considers the case regarding transgender interventions on minors.
  • For parents and families of children who are questioning their gender identity.
  • For Florida officials as they seek to prevent irreversible treatments on humans before the age of consent.

Sources: Reuters, Politico


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