FDA Panel Votes for Over-the-Counter Birth Control Pill

The recommendation minimizes the dangers of the side effects.

An advisory panel for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) voted this week to recommend the over-the-counter sale of the birth control drug Opill from Perrigo Co. A daily oral pill was first approved by the FDA for prescription drug use in 1973, and if the FDA follows the recommendation of this panel, it will be the first birth control pill available without a prescription.

The panelists had various questions along with their approval, such as how best to recommend the pill for use by adolescents and overweight people without a doctor to oversee dosage. They were also concerned that there was a chance for misdosage among those with less literacy since overdosing on Opill could lead to unexplained vaginal bleeding or even breast cancer. Panelists decided that unplanned pregnancy is a greater danger than Opill’s potential side effects.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For discernment for Commissioner Califf as he oversees the Food and Drug Administration.
  • For FDA officials as they consider the recommendation of the panel and the risks of OTC birth control.

Sources: Reuters, Food and Drug Administration


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