May 13th – Saturday

Great peace have those who love Your law, nothing can make them stumble. – Psalm 119:165

England’s Queen Victoria made a proclamation of neutrality with regard to the American Civil War on this day in 1861. The Confederacy believed the British would aid them due to the British need for cotton. This diplomatic motion gave the Confederacy the same standing as a sovereign nation and allowed Confederate ships to dock in British ports and procure supplies. It also permitted the Confederacy to acquire goods and funding from foreign outlets while boosting its legitimacy as a sovereign state. However, this diplomatic gesture provoked retaliation from the Union, which viewed the Confederacy’s stance as an act of animosity and a breach of international law. This proclamation was a significant moment in the beginning stages of the Civil War and highlighted the intricate network of political and economic relationships that bolstered the conflict.

As the Lord leads, pray with us…

  • For wisdom for the president and secretary of state as they meet with foreign heads of state.
  • For U.S. ambassadors and diplomats as they represent the nation and negotiate agreements.

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