Administration Estimates 100K Russian Casualties in Ukraine

Half attributed to mercenary group.

White House National Security Council Spokesman John Kirby stated that Russia has sustained an estimated 100,000 casualties in Ukraine since December 2022. He said, “Since December, we estimate that Russia has suffered more than 100,000 casualties, including over 20,000 killed in action.“ Spokeman Kirby said the numbers were stunning, also saying, “Russia has exhausted its military stockpiles and its armed forces.” 

The NSC spokesman said that these numbers were “based on some downgraded intelligence that we’ve been able to collect.” He also estimated that half of Russia’s casualties were from the private military company Wagner Group, an illegal collective of mercenaries well known to receive weapons and financial support from the Russian government outside of Russian law. 

When asked about Ukrainian casualties, Spokesman Kirby said, “We’ve never talked about Ukrainian casualties in the war. I don’t suspect that we’re going to change that posture.” 

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For White House officials as they report on the conflict in Ukraine and provide intelligence data.
  • For the president and congressional leaders as they continue support of Ukraine.
  • For those who are trying to negotiate peace in the background.

Sources: Reuters, The Hill


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