Pentagon “Could Not Confirm” Data Being Collected by Chinese Balloon

They are still still analyzing the debris collected on February 4.

Deputy Pentagon Press Secretary Sabrina Singh spoke told reporters that the Pentagon has not currently confirmed that any transmissions were being sent from the Chinese balloon shot down over America on February 4.

“I could not confirm that there was real-time transmission from the balloon back to (China) at this time,” said Deputy Pentagon Press Secretary Singh, adding, “That’s something we’re analyzing right now.”

The Chinese Foreign Ministry said that China has made it clear that the unmanned civilian airship that flew over U.S. territory was “an unexpected and isolated event”.

“China rejects distortion and hyping up of this incident,” spokesperson Mao Ning said at a regular briefing.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For Pentagon spokesperson Singh as she communicates Defense Department activities with the public.
  • For the Pentagon as they continue analyzing the remnants of the Chinese balloon.
  • That the Department of Defense as they work to protect America from all potential threats.

Sources: Department of Defense, NBC News, Reuters,


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