Bipartisan Bill Introduced to Combat Child Labor Violations

Child labor violations have increased by 70% since 2018.

Representatives Hillary Scholten and Nancy Mace introduced legislation to raise the penalties for child labor law violations.

The Department of Labor has seen a 70% increase of child labor violations in the United States since 2018. 835 companies were found violating child labor laws in the last fiscal year alone. More notable instances include meat processing facilities hiring 100 children for overnight shifts and accruing injuries due to toxic chemical exposure. In 2022, car manufacturer Hyundai was found employing migrant children as young as 12 in their Alabama-based factory.

The proposed legislation would increase the fine for child labor violations from $15,138 per child to nearly $150,000 per child. “Children should be in school,” said Mace as she introduced the legislation to the House, “not factories with dangerous working conditions.”

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For the Representatives of the House as they consider the contents of this proposed legislation.
  • For Representatives Scholten and Mace as they thoroughly engage in the process of democracy.
  • That Congress passes laws that make America a more holistic land to call home.

Sources: Reuters


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