President’s Administration Approves Willow Project in Alaska

Only three of the five requested oil production pads are authorized.

The Bureau of Land Management has announced that President Biden’s administration is approving the Willow oil project located on the North Slope of Alaska. Estimates of 576 million barrels of oil over a 30-year period have contributed to the authorization of the project, though only three well pads are approved rather than the five that ConocoPhillips requested.

Deputy Secretary of the Interior, Tommy Beaudreau, stated that the decision was “prepared in accordance with the Naval Petroleum Reserves Production Act.“ He said the two sites that were disapproved “will further reduce effects of the Project on subsistence and sociocultural systems and public health borne by the Nuiqsut population.“

The bureau consulted with Tribes and Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act consultation with Alaska Native Corporations in coming to its decision.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For Deputy Secretary Beaudreau as he confirms the oil project approval for Alaska’s North Slope.
  • For Secretary Deb Haaland to seek God’s guidance as she heads the Interior Department.
  • For the president and energy secretary as they assess the needs of the nation for fuel.

Sources: Axios, Bureau of Land Management


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