Ambassador Burns Calls for More COVID-19 Honesty from China

Conclusions regarding the origin of the coronavirus continue to negate China’s narrative.

U.S. Ambassador to China Nicholas Burns commented on the Department of Energy’s reported conclusion that the COVID-19 virus likely leaked from a Chinese laboratory in Wuhan, saying that China should be more honest about the events that led up to the pandemic. Ambassador Burns said that more honesty would help the World Health Organization (WHO) be able to better address the coronavirus using evidence from the past. 

However, China has continued to maintain the stance that the lab leak “narrative” is a completely false foreign tactic meant to smear their government. The recent incident of the surveillance balloon that was shot down after passing over the U.S. has not helped China’s credibility. China has claimed that the intent of the balloon has also been used as a smear tactic.

“We’re now in this surreal moment where the Chinese, who I think lost the debate over the balloon globally, lost influence and credibility around the world because of what they’ve done — they’re now blaming this on us,” Ambassador Burns said. “It’s a little bit Orwellian. And it’s a little bit frustrating, because I think everybody knows the truth here.”

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For Ambassador Burns as he engages in diplomatic efforts with China.
  • For wisdom for the president and administration officials as they respond to situations that involve China.

Sources: Reuters


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