Supreme Court Rules Oil Rig Supervisor Entitled to Overtime Pay

Justices affirm the ruling made by the 5th Circuit.

The Supreme Court has ruled in favor of an oil rig supervisor who claimed to be entitled to compensation for his overtime labor. Michael Hewitt sued Helix Energy Solutions Group in 2021, claiming that since he was not a salaried employee he was required overtime pay. Helix Energy argued that though Hewitt was not paid by salary, he still received $963 per day for his labor, around $200,000 per year, which would make him a “highly compensated worker.” A 1940 regulation says that those with supervisory duties earning $107,000 per year in the form of a salary do not receive overtime pay.

Justice Elena Kagan wrote the opinion, saying that the law specifically refers to those with a salary guaranteed minimum weekly pay. Since Hewitt was not a salaried employee, the law did not apply to him.

The Supreme Court’s decision agrees with the previous decision made by the 5th Circuit Court of New Orleans. Helix Energy then appealed the decision to the Supreme Court. Now that the Supreme Court affirmed that ruling, the case will be sent back to the 5th Circuit Court for finalization.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For the justices of the Supreme Court to be discerning in their decisions.
  • For the justices as they deliberate cases that fall along ideological and political divides in society.

Sources: Reuters, CNBC


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