February 16th – Thursday

The Lord knows the days of the blameless… in the days of famine they have abundance. – Psalm 37:18-19

State governors are the chief executives of their respective states. Under the republic form of government in the United States, each state functions semi-sovereignly, with certain rights and responsibilities allotted by the Constitution, while sharing some powers with the federal government. Governors may appoint officials and judges within their state that are not elected positions and share authority with legislatures in creating state laws. They are also the commanders in chief of the state’s National Guard. When America was under colonial rule, governors were appointed by the rulers of the colonizing nations. For a time, governors of U.S. territories were similarly appointed by the president. However, voters in U.S. territories now elect their own governors directly just as they do in each state.

As the Lord leads, pray with us…

  • That each state governor would seek discernment from the Lord and surround themselves with godly advisors.
  • For the president and his administration to uphold the oaths they swore to protect this federal republic.

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