Supreme Court Sends Death Row Case Back to State Court

The district attorney acknowledged flawed or misleading evidence used in the original trial.

The Supreme Court agreed to hear a case submitted by Texas death row inmate Areli Carbajal Escobar, who requested that his sentencing be overturned due to faulty DNA evidence.

The district attorney involved in the case joined Escobar in this request, confirming that his office “undertook a comprehensive reexamination of the forensic evidence” after the inmate originally appealed his conviction and realized the state had provided “flawed and misleading forensic evidence at trial” and violated “established federal due process law.”

However, despite the state confirming the mishandling of evidence and encouraging a new trial, the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals still upheld Escobar’s conviction. The Supreme Court sent the case back for review by the Texas Court “for further consideration in light of the confession of error by Texas.”

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For wisdom for justices of the Supreme Court as they hear appeals to cases.
  • For the judges in the Texas Criminal Court as they review the case sent back to them.
  • For the wrong-convicted individual as he awaits the outcome of the judicial review.

Sources: CNN, Texas Tribune


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