January 4th – Wednesday

Those who are in the flesh cannot please God. – Romans 8:8

On this day in 1989, George H. W. Bush became the 4th sitting vice president to be elected president. The previous 3 were John Adams in 1796, Thomas Jefferson in 1800, and Martin Van Buren in 1836. The position of vice president, albeit a supporting role to serve at the behest of the president, has also been a stepping stone to the presidency. The office of vice president was originally given to the runner-up in the presidential race. In 1787, the Office of the Vice President was created during the Constitutional Convention giving the vice president a more prestigious role. In 1939, it was positioned in the executive branch as a key presidential advisor, governing partner, and representative of the president’s administration. Pray today for the vice president and executive staff as they support the president.

As the Lord leads, pray with us…

  • For the vice president to be wise in her ways, serve with integrity, and have the willingness to seek Godly counsel.
  • For the staff of the White House to work diligently in their roles serving the president and vice president.

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