Amos Hochstein, Senior Advisor for Energy Security

Amos Hochstein

Senior Advisor for Energy Security

Amos J. Hochstein was born in January 1973  in Israel to American parents. He served in the Israeli Defense Forces, then moved to Washington, D.C. to work as an intern on Capitol Hill. He served on the House Committee on Foreign Relations, later becoming a Senior Policy Advisor. He held similar positions with Governor Mark Warner of Virginia and later for Senator Chris Dodd of Connecticut. 

He then worked in the private sector where he was a counselor and lobbyist on behalf of oil and gas companies. During President Obama’s administration, he returned to government work in the Bureau of Energy Resources at the State Department. He oversaw offices in the Middle East, Asia, Europe, the Western Hemisphere, and Africa. He became a special envoy and coordinator of international energy affairs under Secretary of State John Kerry. He was nominated by President Barack Obama to be Assistant Secretary of State for Energy Resources. He returned to lobbying during President Trump’s administration. 

Hochstein was named Senior Advisor for Energy Security by President Joe Biden in August 2021. 

Hochstein is married to Julie Rae Ringel and they have two children. He is a Modern Orthodox Jew. 

In the News…

Amos Hochstein, President Biden’s Senior Advisor on Energy Security, stated that draining the Strategic Petroleum Reserve was in part to help save the “global economy.”

“We released from the SPR, I had conversations as did others, my colleagues, with CEOs and other senior executives in the oil industry in the United States,” Advisor Hochstein said. “We were told it will take us time to increase production, it would take us six months, seven months to increase production and bring that to market. They thought that would be by the end of the year.” 

He continued, “We took the action with the SPR in order to save not just the U.S. economy but the global economy from the reactions that Putin was trying to do, he was literally using energy as a weapon against the West and we mitigated that and gave time to the private sector to invest more and to invest in America to increase production.” 

In March, after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, President Biden’s administration authorized the sale of up to 180 million barrels of oil from the reserve. In October, they released another 10 million barrels from the reserves. 

Advisor Hochstein said, “We filled the SPR at $60 a barrel… and now we’re looking to replenish at $90, meaning there is still a $30 per barrel delta, and we have sold millions and millions of barrels.” 

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