North Korea Warned Against Nuclear Test

U.S., Japan, and South Korea promise “unparalleled” response. 

Government officials in Washington along with allies in the region believe North Korea is preparing to conduct nuclear bomb tests. On Wednesday, North Korea was warned there would be an “unparalleled” response from the United States, Japan, and South Korea if they proceed with their seventh nuclear test. 

Pyongyang conducted a series of unannounced missile tests earlier this month, including a ballistic missile launched over Japan. The U.S. and its Asian allies are concerned that North Korea could be planning a nuclear bomb test, which would be the first since 2017. 

“We agreed that an unparalleled scale of response would be necessary if North Korea pushes ahead with a seventh nuclear test,” South Korean First Vice Foreign Minister Cho Hyun-dong reportedly stated in Tokyo. 

Washington and its allies’ responses may be limited given China and Russia’s veto earlier this year which blocked additional U.N. Security Council sanctions on Pyongyang for the first time since 2006. 

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For discernment for the president and his administration as they respond to the increasing tensions with North Korea.
  • For Defense Secretary Austin and the Joint Chiefs as they evaluate the situation and provide recommendations to the president.
  • For the leaders of the allied countries in Asia as they assess and determine mitigation strategies for the nuclear tests North Korea is conducting.

Sources: Reuters, New York Times, Fox News


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