White House Releases National Security Strategy

Russian invasion delays document outlining key policies.

The White House released the administration’s long-delayed national security strategy. The administration had postponed publishing the 48-page document due to Russia’s attack on Ukraine, which held most of the attention of the president’s administration for much of the year. The strategy continues to focus on U.S. leadership and alliances as the key to addressing global issues while highlighting a heightened interest in curbing the rise of China.

“The People’s Republic of China harbors the intention and, increasingly, the capacity to reshape the international order in favor of one that tilts the global playing field to its benefit, even as the United States remains committed to managing the competition between our countries responsibly,” National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan said in outlining the policy.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For the president to seek God’s wisdom as he and his administration address national security.
  • For National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan as he assesses and advises the president and U.S. security officials.
  • For U.S. intelligence agents and operatives as they gather information and data.

Sources: VOA, Reuters


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