46 States Request Reopening Facebook Antitrust Lawsuit

Arguments are held in the D.C. Court of Appeals.

 Solicitor general of New York Barbara Underwood spoke on behalf of 46 state governments at the D.C. Court of Appeals this week, stating that a 2020 antitrust lawsuit against Facebook should be reinstated. The original case, filed alongside a similar case filed by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), had asked the court to order Facebook to sell Instagram and WhatsApp, which were originally purchased in 2012. 

The FTC’s case is still ongoing, but the court dismissed the states’ case, saying that their filing was “laches,” or unreasonably delayed in the assertion of legal rights. But Solicitor General Underwood maintained that the states’ case was filed not like a class action lawsuit, but more like a law enforcement claim, which is exempt from the doctrine of laches.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For the solicitor general as she seeks to get the states’ case reinstated.
  • For wisdom for the judges on the U.S. court of appeals as they consider the arguments.
  • That God’s will would be accomplished through the legislation and cases that are pending regarding social media regulation.

Sources: Law360, Reuters


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