Senator Braun Submits Budget Plan with 10-Year Balance

Tax cuts and military spending are retained. 

Senator Mike Braun introduced a plan Tuesday to bring the federal budget into balance over 10 years. The Indiana businessman is attempting to address wasteful spending in Washington. Though he sees it as a simple matter, he anticipates opposition. 

Senator Braun said his plan would not cut defense spending, Medicare, Medicaid, or Social Security, and that it would keep in place the 2017 tax cuts from President Trump. It would reduce spending programs that should have ended but have been allowed to continue and tap unspent COVID-19 relief funds. 

He stated that after ten years, the budget would be in balance and the only pressure would be the interest on the federal debt. His plan has received support from the National Taxpayers Union and Freedom Works, among others. 

Under Senate rules, any member can introduce budgets once top committees fail to file budget plans. He is finalizing his plan and hopes for a Senate vote this week. 

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For Senator Braun as he endeavors to bring federal spending under control.
  • For wisdom for members of the Senate as they consider this budget proposal.
  • For the Lord’s will to be accomplished through the vote of the senators.

Sources: Washington Examiner, Fox News


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