Monday, July 18

President Biden proclaimed this week as Captive Nations Week, 2022. He stated, “America has firmly set its sights on the ideals of freedom, democracy, equality, liberty, and justice for all.”

“During Captive Nations Week,” the president said, “we reaffirm our commitment to supporting and amplifying the voices of the courageous individuals around the world who are striving to advance the universal principles of freedom, democracy, justice, and the rule of law while living under oppression.”

He continued by saying that the United States stands “in solidarity with the brave human rights and pro‑democracy advocates around the world — many of whom risk their lives each day to protect the rights of others.” He added, “We remain committed to ensuring that all those who are oppressed around the globe are heard, supported, and protected.”

“May Captive Nations Week reinvigorate our efforts to live up to our ideals by championing justice, dignity, and freedom for all,” he concluded.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For God to be at work through the president and administration officials as they work to further the ideals on which America was founded.
  • For guidance for the president as he navigates foreign policy to support the downtrodden and oppressed around the globe.
  • For the president to seek God’s wisdom as he works this week.
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