Navy Doubles Efforts to Improve Retention

 The branch upped recruitment bonuses and encourages delayed retirement.

The U.S. Navy outlined changes to its employment policies last week to improve the retention of its sailors. A selective reenlistment bonus has been added on top of a higher enlistment bonus. The branch also canceled all programs that promise an “early out” for recruits and opened up applications for delaying enlistment as opposed to separating or retiring altogether. Waiving the vaccination requirements for those who have opted to not get the vaccine, allowing them to come back into the service, is also being considered. 

“It’s extremely important to retain our people, and I’ve made it a priority that we are going to treat our people well across the board,” Navy Secretary Del Toro stated in June. “We have to think creatively to come up with solution sets that matter.”

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For Secretary Del Toro to seek God’s wisdom as he heads the U.S. Navy.
  • For Admiral Gilday to be discerning as he oversees U.S. naval operations.
  • For insight for U.S. military recruiters as they look for new members of their respective branches.

Sources:, GovConWire


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