Rick Scott, U.S. Senator from Florida

Rick Scott

U.S. Senator from Florida

Richard Lynn Scott was born in December 1952 in Bloomington, Illinois. He attended community college and enlisted in the U.S. Navy, where he served 29 months as a radar technician. He attended college on the GI bill, graduating with an undergraduate degree from the University of Missouri-Kansas City. He earned a Juris Doctor by working his way through Southern Methodist University. He practiced in a private firm in Dallas, Texas, later becoming a venture capitalist. At one point, he was a partner with George W. Bush in co-ownership of the Texas Rangers.

He moved to Florida where he founded a food supplements business. Scott was elected Governor of Florida, serving eight years before being elected to the United States Senate. He assumed office in January 2019.

He is married to Frances Annette Holland, his high school sweetheart. They have two daughters and six grandsons. He is a member of the Naples Community Church.

In the News…

Senator Rick Scott of Florida introduced a bill that intends to limit the international powers of the World Health Organization (WHO) as President Biden’s administration prepared to propose amendments to the group’s International Health Regulations during the World Health Assembly in Geneva. 

Some legislators say the administration will hand over U.S. national sovereignty on matters of health to the WHO if the amendments are approved. They have similar concerns about an international treaty for pandemic preparedness agreed to by more than 250 heads of government and global agencies in March. 

“The WHO’s radical pandemic treaty is a dangerous globalist overreach,” Senator Scott said. “The United States of America must never give more power to the WHO. The WHO is a puppet for Xi Jinping, controlled by the Chinese Communist Party, and helped Beijing cover up the origins of COVID-19. We must quickly pass this bill to ensure that public health matters in the country remain in the hands of Americans, not globalist puppets working for Communist China.” 

The bill would require U.S. officials to oppose changes to the WHO charter until both chambers of Congress agree to adopt change in a joint resolution and prevent U.S. officials from being bound to orders or directives given by the WHO or anyone in its branches. 

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Did you pray for Senator Scott today? You can let him know at:

The Honorable Rick Scott
U.S. Senator from Florida
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