Senate Vote Opposes Iran Nuclear Deal

Also votes to retain economic sanctions.

The Senate has passed a non-binding resolution against returning to the original nuclear agreement with Iran. A bipartisan super-majority voted to endorse a measure stating that any nuclear agreement with Iran should address that nation’s support for terrorism in the region. President Biden has indicated reluctance to remove Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps from the State Department’s list of foreign terrorist organizations. 

Some senators are also ready for the administration to end the stalled talks in Vienna that have sought a nuclear deal with Tehran. 

“They are so desperate for a deal that they’ve been willing to concede almost anything,” said Senator Ted Cruz of Texas. “This deal is a terrible deal, and I think it is important to get every senator on-record where they stand.” 

Senator Chris Coons of Delaware said, “I supported this motion in order to encourage the Biden administration’s negotiations to push for the strongest possible deal that addresses Iran’s nuclear weapons program and many other malign activities.” He added, “My vote on this provision does not undermine my continuing support for the administration’s efforts to negotiate an agreement, and I maintain an open mind towards any potential outcomes from negotiations in Vienna.” 

Last week, Secretary of State Antony Blinken warned the senators that Iran could obtain a fully developed nuclear weapon in a matter of weeks as their refining program “has galloped forward.” 

Iran has hundreds of medium- and short-range ballistic missiles, more than any other nation in the Middle East. The International Atomic Energy Agency reports that, if armed with a nuclear warhead, any of these could be used to make a high-altitude electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack.

A new missile, the Shabab-III is long range and its most mobile MRBM, capable of delivering a EMP attack over the American heartland if launched from a freighter in the Gulf of Mexico. According to Dr. Peter Vincent Pry, Director of the Task Force on National and Homeland Security and former chief of staff of the Congressional EMP Commission, Iran has demonstrated the capability to launch a ballistic missile from a vessel at sea.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For senators and representatives in Congress as they address foreign policy with Iran
  • For the president and his administration as the nuclear potential of Iran grows.
  • For U.S. officials as various aspects of the proposed Iran nuclear agreement are considered.

Sources: Politico, The Hill, Newsmax


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