Ambassador to Ukraine Nominated by President

The announcement coincides with visits to Kyiv by top U.S. officials. 

President Biden has named Bridget Brink, a career foreign service member and the ambassador to Slovakia, to be his administration’s diplomat to Ukraine. The post had been unfilled by a permanent official since the ambassador was recalled in May 2019.  Ms. Brink’s nomination must be confirmed by the Senate. 

The president’s nomination coincides with Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin’s high-level meeting with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in Kyiv over the weekend. 

Upon returning to Poland, Secretary Austin said, “We want to see Russia weakened to the degree that it can’t do the kinds of things that it has done in invading Ukraine. We want to see them not have the capability to very quickly reproduce that capability.” 

Secretary Blinken added, “We don’t know how the rest of this war will unfold, but we do know that a sovereign independent Ukraine will be around a lot longer than Vladimir Putin is on the scene.” 

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For Secretary Blinken as he collaborates with foreign ministers in Europe.
  • For Secretary Austin as military aid efforts continue in support of Ukraine.
  • For wisdom for the president and his Cabinet as they consider options and actions regarding Russia.

Sources: Washington Examiner, CBS News 


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