Bureau of Reclamation Allocates $15 Million for Western Drought

Water supply for irrigation a seventh

The Bureau of Reclamation announced $15 million in relief for those affected by the drought along the California-Oregon border. The area is facing its driest weather in recorded history, and the bureau is making funding available after announcing that only a seventh of the current water supply was available for irrigation in order to keep the Klamath River and Upper Klamath Lake from totally drying out. Farmers, fishers, and indigenous tribes responded with disapproval, unsure how they will survive with such little water after three years of scant supply.

“We wish we had better news today,” said Mid-Pacific Region Director Ernest Conant. “Obviously there are no winners in this critical year as all interests are suffering — fisheries, farmers tribes and waterfowl alike — but given the current hydrology that we have to work with, we did the best job we could.” 

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For officials in the Bureau of Reclamation as they assess and make decisions regarding water allotments.
  • For farmers, fishery owners, and tribes who are being impacted by the drought and reduced water provision.

Sources: LA Times, AP


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