NASA Aiming for June Moon Mission

Most recent test scrubbed. 

NASA announced it is still aiming for a June launch of its Artemis mission to the moon, even after a second attempt at a final test was scrubbed early this week. “We’re not ready to give up on the June launch window,” Artemis mission manager stated. 

On Monday, NASA made its second attempt at what it calls a wet dress rehearsal, which simulates every stage of launch without the rocket actually leaving the launchpad. The rehearsal is a crucial step in the first phase of NASA’s Artemis program. 

According to Artemis launch director for NASA’s Exploration Ground Systems Program Charlie Blackwell, the test was stopped Monday before it was completed because of an issue with a panel on the mobile launcher that controls the core stage vent valve. The valve relieves pressure from the rocket’s core stage while tanking of the propellant is underway, according to NASA. 

NASA said Monday it was able to resolve the malfunction of the fans, which are needed to pressurize enclosed areas inside the launcher and keep out hazardous gases. 

The new rocket will send the Orion capsule on a roughly four-week journey around the moon. If all goes according to plan, the Artemis 2 mission will follow in 2024, sending astronauts around the moon and back. It is expected that Artemis 3 will put astronauts down on the moon, near the lunar south pole. That mission is targeted for 2025 or 2026. 

The next test will not occur until this weekend at the earliest, waiting until after Friday’s SpaceX astronaut launch. 

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For wisdom for Launch Director Blackwell as the testing schedule is adjusted and systems are reviewed.
  • For NASA Administrator Nelson to seek God’s guidance as he heads the space exploration agency.

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