U.S. Investing in New Weapons Capabilities

Pentagon spokesman says the move is motivated by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. 

Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby said that Russian forces were not adequately prepared for resistance to their invasion of Ukraine. The head of the U.S. Strategic Command had stated in early February that America needed to update its weapons and prepare for evolving threats. The Pentagon press secretary stated that the U.S. is now bolstering its national defense strategy in the wake of Russian President Vladimir Putin seeking to occupy Kyiv. 

“If you look at the budget that the president submitted last year you can see that we are actually investing in new technology and new weapons capabilities and new operational concepts,“ Mr. Kirby said. “The Pentagon itself is putting finishing touches on our national defense strategy that focuses very chiefly on the challenge raised by China as well as the challenge we see from other major nation-states like Russia, North Korea, Iran. There is a lot of effort to invest in capabilities and concepts to get us on a firmer footing to deal with the more modern nation-state-like threats and we’re doing it now.“

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For military leaders in the Pentagon as they make decisions and advise the president regarding the armed forces.
  • For Secretary Austin as he seeks to ensure U.S. readiness to respond to threats.
  • For wisdom for the president and his military advisors as they consider strategies for national security.

Sources: Fox News, DailyWire


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