DHS Secretary Denounces Unruly Behavior on Flights

Disruptions have increased on airlines.

As the federal mask mandate has continued on commercial flights, the number of negative incidents aboard planes has been increasing. Reports of verbal abuse, physical assault, and overt violations mask mandate have caused the Department of Homeland Security to increase fine amounts, remove individuals from their flights and, in cases of physical assault, refer the individuals to the Department of Justice for potential prosecution.

“We do not tolerate behavior that puts the safety and security of airport and airline personnel, and the traveling public at risk,” said Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. “We will continue to use our authorities to hold accountable those passengers that intentionally violate our safety and security rules and regulations.”

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For wisdom for Secretary Mayorkas as he oversees Homeland Security.
  • For TSA officials as they work to maintain security in airports and for airline flights.
  • For the president and his health advisors while they maintain COVID-19 mandates.

Sources: Department of Homeland Security


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