Smart Headlights Ahead for U.S. Vehicles

New technology approved by Highway Traffic Safety Administration. 

New cars on American roadways will soon feature high-tech headlights that don’t blind oncoming drivers. 

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration approved new high-tech headlights that will allow adaptive driving beam headlights, or smart headlights. 

The technology, which relies on sensors and LED light, will help prevent crashes by allowing better illumination of pedestrians, animals, and objects, without impairing the visibility of drivers in other vehicles, the agency said. 

Adaptive driving headlight systems are commonplace in Europe and Canada, and they automatically focus beams on darker, unoccupied areas while reducing the intensity of illumination in times of oncoming traffic. 

In a statement, the deputy administrator of NHTSA said, “NHTSA prioritizes the safety of everyone on our nation’s roads, whether they are inside or outside a vehicle. New technologies can help advance that mission.” 

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For NHTSA officials as the updated headlight technology is implemented.
  • For Secretary Buttigieg as he oversees transportation safety developments and programs.
  • For the president and his administration as infrastructure and energy improvements are made nationwide.

Sources: Washington Examiner, Axios 


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