Bill to Block Legislator Stock Trading Introduced

Senator Ben Sasse sees “Ethics Reform Act” as chance to reestablish the public’s trust in Congress.

Senator Ben Sasse of Nebraska reintroduced a bill called the Ethics Reform Act this week that would prohibit members of Congress from trading stocks while holding office. He initially proposed a version of the legislation in 2018, with this version of the bill proposing a $1 million fine and a prison sentence of five years for those trading stocks as active legislators.

“This ethics package is pretty simple: If Congress wants to rebuild some public trust, we ought to put some pretty simple rules on Washington. Members of Congress shouldn’t be trading stocks while they’re in office and they shouldn’t cash out as lobbyists when they leave office,” Senator Sasse stated. “People hate politics, and politicians have worked hard to earn that hate.”

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For Senator Sasse as he seeks to stop “insider trading” by members of Congress.
  • For integrity for U.S. legislators as it pertains to financial matters, both public and private.

Sources: The Hill, Business Insider


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